NCAA Rules Committee Alters Shot Clock Proposal

US Lacrosse Magazine

College coaches spoke, and the NCAA men’s lacrosse rules committee listened.

The committee will recommend a different version of the shot clock than the one originally proposed in August, with a vote by the NCAA playing rules oversight panel pending Wednesday. Instead of a 60-second shot clock, plus 20 seconds to clear, the new rule proposal calls for an 80-second shot clock that starts upon possession.

Inside Lacrosse first reported the committee’s decision Tuesday, stating that the change is a result of feedback from survey data. US Lacrosse Magazine independently confirmed the report with multiple Division I coaches, including one who said his team has already started practicing with the revised shot clock.

The shot clock will reset to 80 seconds, rather than 60 seconds, according to IL. Teams transitioning from defense to offense still must clear the ball past the midline in 20 seconds.

The proposed rules changes also include reinstituting the dive shot, allowing a player to leave his feet and land in the crease only if his momentum carries him away from the goal.

In other recommendations, the committee identified sportsmanship as a point of emphasis, reduced the substitution box from 20 yards to 10 yards and called for the release of a shot at the end of the shot clock and game clock a reviewable play during the NCAA Division I championship.

All of these proposals were subject to a period of feedback from NCAA membership. In the case of the shot clock, those comments led to a substantial alteration.

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